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Financial process

How does it work?

Rating of conversions

As soon as you start generating conversions for an advertiser, you will find you are credited with commission. In some cases, you will receive a fixed amount of commission for every conversion, in other cases the commission is a percentage of the order value of the conversion. You can find the exact amount of commission per conversion in the conversion section of the reporting.

Validation of conversions

In the statistics section, you will also be able to check the status of the conversion. The status is either open, rejected or confirmed. The initial status of a conversion is open. At a regular time, usually in the beginning of a new month, the person managing the advertiser program will compare the conversions tracked by the platform with the order book. Based on this comparison, he will either confirm or reject the conversion. Conversions are rejected because the order was canceled by a client, for example.

Payment entries

As soon as your conversions have been confirmed, you are entitled to receive the commission related to this conversion. To make sure you receive the money, you do not have to invoice the advertiser you have been generating conversions for. The platform will create a so called self-billed invoice containing all the commission you have made with confirmed conversions within a certain period, usually within a month. In online marketing, these self-billed invoices are commonly referred to as payments, payouts or credit notes; in the context of this platform, they are called payment entries. You can download your payment entries via the UI as PDF and CSV and use them for your own administration and you do not have to send the advertiser or the platform another invoice to be paid for your service. Where you can find your payment entries is explained below.

Requirements for your payment entries

A payment entry can be created when you have made conversions for which commission is granted. As explained above, these conversions need to be confirmed by the person managing the advertiser program. To allow payment entries to be created, you also need to register your banking details. In some cases, the platform owner will define a so called payout limit. This means a payment entry will not be created until you have generated a certain amount of confirmed commission, for example 25 or 50 EUR or the equivalent of that amount in a different currency. Please note that you can also register a payout limit yourself, in the basic details section of the UI.


When a payment entry is created by the person managing the platform, you will be notified via email. You will find the payment entry recorded in your partner UI – read the chapter below for comprehensive instructions on where to find them. Like the conversions, the payment entry in your partner UI has a status. This status is either confirmed or paid. If your payment entry status is confirmed it means the person managing the platform has approved all the data included in the payment entry. If your payment entry is paid, which means the payment entry has been forwarded to the finance department of the entity and the gross amount is transferred to the bank account you registered.

Legal status

The process described above follows article 224 in the explanatory notes of the Invoicing Directive 2010/45/EU adopted by the European Union. According to this article, invoices may be drawn up by the customer in respect of the services supplied to him, by a taxable person, of goods or services, where there is a prior agreement between the two parties and provided that a procedure exists for the acceptance of each invoice by the taxable person supplying the goods or services. In the context of this platform, the customer is the entity, i.e. the legal body responsible for your payment. The taxable person is either you or your company, the service you supply is generating conversions. The prior agreement are the terms and conditions you accepted when you registered for the platform and the terms and conditions you accepted when applying for the relevant advertiser program.

Where can I find my payment entries?

To find out whether payment entries have been created, you need to go to the payments section in the user menu in the right top corner of your UI:


As soon as you click on payments, a page will be loaded looking more or less like this:


The page consists of two panels. Above, you can apply one or more filter options (timeframe, currency and status) to search for specific payment entries. Below, you find an overview of all the payment entries that have been created for you since you registered for the platform. The first section of the panel explains the meaning of the different figures in the individual payment entries.

Let’s go through them one by one, from left to right. In the outmost left section of the panel, you will find the time and date on which the payment entry was created. Directly below, you will find two icons via which you can download the payout as PDF and CSV respectively. The CSV contains all confirmed conversions that are included in this payment entry. If the documents have not yet been generated and stored then the icons will be greyed out until they are available. The second section contains the number of the payment entry and, further below, the type, net amount and tax amount (usually VAT). The third section contains (in bold) the name of the so called entity, the legal body responsible for paying commission, including the registered address. Finally, the section on the right contains (in bold) the gross amount of the payment entry and its status. As mentioned above, the status will either be confirmed or paid. Confirmed means the data in the payment entry has been checked and paid means your commission is transferred to the bank account you registered.

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